What is The REAL Cost of Salt Use for Deicing?

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This presentation created by┬áCarolyn Dindorf-Fortin Consulting, Inc. for the Road Salt Symposium 2015, details the REAL cost of road salt usage for snow and ice control. The study adds up all the possible secondary costs of salt and the damage it may cause. For every ton of salt applied to city roads, it can cost the public, government and private institutions up to $800 to repair it’s damages.

For Example:

Road Salt per Ton: $80

Road Salt per Ton plus labor: $150

Road Salt per Ton plus labor and Low Damage Estimate: $800

Please review the whole study for more detailed information on the hidden costs of road salt usage.

View the whole study here.

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By:Carolyn Dindorf - Fortin Consulting, Inc.

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