What Is Chloride Conscious?

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It's Time To Save Money and Be Chloride Conscious

The Problem

The over-dependency on sodium chloride road salt for ice removal is threatening America’s environment. The contaminated runoff negatively, and irrevocably, impacts our waterways and groundwater while killing plant and animal life.


Our Vision

Consumers of ice melters realize that by practicing better methods of deicer usage, utilizing alternative products, and properly calibrating the equipment they can achieve equal or better results in keeping our roadways safe while sparing the environment the devastating effects created by an over reliance on chlorides.


Our Mission

To serve as an education leader for the snow removal industry in terms of reducing chloride usage. Our three-prong attack will include ice melter product performance training, recommendations concerning alternative products to chlorides, and instructions on which application techniques maximize results while minimizing environmental impact and maintaining, or lowering, operating costs.

We are the stewards of the snow removal industry and
it is our responsibility to be chloride conscious.
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