Industrial Water- Future of Brine Management

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Manufacturing requires mineral free water in various stages the production process.  Many industrial areas are able to dispose of the brine from softening water in to the sewer systems. These levels of salinated water discharge are poised to be restricted due to their irreversible environmental damaging properties.  Water Tech Online states

” The produced brine has a negative environmental impact and should be discharged to authorized sites. Seawater brine is generally returned to the sea, while brackish water brine sometimes has to be pumped over long distances, discharged to evaporation ponds or injected into dedicated injection wells. Although the amount of brine in the brackish water desalination plants is relatively low, the brine discharge in these facilities is far more problematic.”

Salt extraction is the most likely answer to industrial brine problems. Great advances in the chloride reduction from reverse osmosis are on the horizon and the abilities of the RO systems have grown rapidly over the years.

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