Ice Melters and the Environment

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Leanr How to use less rock salt

This┬ástudy is authored by Scott Koefod, Ph.D. Cargill Deicing Technology, June 22, 2012, Titled “Ice Melters and the Environment”. The topics covered are as follows; Introduction to the basics of environmental impact, Overview of the environmental effects of the common deicers and additives, Strategies to minimize environmental impact, New developments in deicer research. This was a very thorough, in-depth study on the science behind thermodynamics, how salt works and what aspects of the environment chlorides have changed over last few decades.┬áThere is no denying that the use of ice melters has a huge impact on the environment.

What parts of the environment do chlorides impact?

  • Soil
  • Air
  • Vegetation (particularly roadside)
  • Ground water/wells
  • Surface waters
  • Aquatic/animal life
  • Infrastructure corrosion

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By:Cargill - Scott Koefod, Ph.D.

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